about flickathon

Flickathon is a social movie recommendation engine. The inspiration came from something the movie lovers love to do: marathons. whether it's a Bruce Willis marathons, Oscar winners marathon, or Time Travel marathon.

Are you talking to me?

Every user (AKA runner) can recommend awesome movies, and have fun doing it - by selecting three films with a common theme.
Runners will also get for recommendations based on their taste. For example: If you like "Pulp Fiction", you will get recommendations to Tarantino films, gangsters movies, or even film with an un-linear plot.

Lots of cream, Lots of sugar

So, what else will you find on Flickathon?
/ Watchlist: Seen a recommendation for a great film but you don't have time to watch it at the moment? Add it to you watchlist, so you will allways know what movies you want to watch. Also, if you and a Facebook friend of yours add the same movie to your watchlists, you will be notified, so you could watch it together.
/ Follow your friends: You can filter your view to "my track" and see marathons shared by your friends, and runners with the taste in movies as yours.
/ Comprehensive movie pages: watch trailers, read the plot, get information like genre, director and stars, movie posters, and even watch online in one click with iTunes, Amazon or Netflix. Go to The Dark Knight movie page. .
/ Top 100 movies: See films Flickathon users love the most. You can even filter the list to genres. Looking for a good comedy?
/ Top Runners: It's a marathon, so why not rank the users too? You can see the leading 12 users in different categories (total runtime of their marathons, number of marathons, and popularity).
/ Flickathon Weekly Workout: Every weekend runners gets an email with recommendations for great films, and a reminder to your watchlist.

We are movie lovers, and we watch a lot of movies. The discovery process for the next thing to watch is getting harder, so we wanted to create a more fun way for people to share their recommendation, and for other people (us included) to find the next thing to watch.

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