A Guy Named Joe
  A Guy Named Joe  
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A Guy Named Joe   A Guy Named Joe  

Pete Sandidge (Tracy), a daredevil bomber pilot, dies when he crashes his plane into a German aircraft carrier, leaving his devoted girlfriend, Dorinda (Irene Dunne), who is also a pilot, heartbroken. In heaven, Pete receives a new assignment: he is to become the guardian angel for Ted Randall (Van Johnson), a young Army flyer. Invisibly, Pete guides Ted through flight school and into combat, but the ectoplasmic mentor's tolerance is tested when Ted falls for Dorinda. Ultimately, however, Pete not only comes to terms with their relationship but also acts as Dorinda's copilot when she undertakes a dangerous bombing raid, so that Ted won't have to. Remade by Steven Speilberg in 1989 as ALWAYS 

Drama , War and Romance
Victor Fleming 
Spencer Tracy;Irene Dunne;James Gleason; 
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