Grave of the Fireflies
  Grave of the Fireflies  
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Grave of the Fireflies   Grave of the Fireflies  

Nanako Matsushima plays Hisako, who loses her home in Tokyo to Allied bombing. With her husband fighting somewhere in Asia, she and her two children evacuate to a suburb of Kobe, where they share a house with Hisako's cousin, Kyoko. However, the area where they are staying is also bombed, and Kyoko is killed. Hisako is forced to take care of Kyoko's two children in addition to her own, but there is not enough food for everyone. In the end, to save her own children, Hisako allows the other two to die of starvation. 

Drama , Foreign and War
Tôya Satô 
Mayuko Fukuda;Mao Inoue;Nanako Matsushima; 
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