Rear Window
  Rear Window  

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Rear Window   Rear Window  

Jefferies has had his leg in a cast for weeks and has nothing to do but watch his neighbors from his window. His voyeurism leads him to think that he’s witnessed a murder. Together with his girlfriend Lisa and his nurse Stella they try to solve the mystery and possibly a murder. 

Thriller and Suspense
Alfred Hitchcock 
Grace Kelly;James Stewart;Wendell Corey; 
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The Master of Suspense

Eliad Friedman
Runtime: 366 min

When I took film class in college, I saw bunch of old films. These were my favorites.

Gidi Vigo
Runtime: 310 min

Artemiy Rodionov
Runtime: 379 min

Andrew A. Dennison
Runtime: 259 min

Andrew A. Dennison
Runtime: 427 min

Artemiy Rodionov
Runtime: 373 min

Andrew A. Dennison
Runtime: 354 min

The mindfuck trilogy

Shay Ringel
Runtime: 333 min

All three collaborations between the master of suspense and one of the big screen's greatest leading men.

David Songer
Runtime: 323 min

Artemiy Rodionov
Runtime: 330 min